Grammar Boot Camp: Verb

Questions about verbs. Work with your groups, everyone writes down the answers. We will add them to our board later.

Using the present simple – a cartoon.

Using the past simple with regular verbs – a cartoon.

Using the past simple with irregular verbs – a cartoon.

Did you finish early? Here is a challenge.

After doing the questions, work on a vocabulary list for speaking about elections.


On speaking and presentations

Everyone is preparing a presentation on a Canadian animal. We will need some guidelines for preparing a good presentation.

Here is a link to a presentation rubric by Pernille Ripp. Here is a link to her blogpost on the subject.
Read through the points on the rubric with your group. Make sure to write in the margins of your handout 😉 Translate words and take notes. What are the important points? Which words do we need to add to our board?


Canada – news

CBC is the Canadian DR, the national public radio and tv broadcaster. Here is a link to CBC news Canada. What regions are mentioned? Look them up on wikipedia and describe. How many people live there? What are the headlines for the regions. Leave comments with short descriptions.