Canada: True? Not true?

Watch the video. Make a list of the ten differences. Compare the information with p. 101 in the textbook. Do you think he is telling the truth? Do you need to look anything up? Imagine writing a list of “10 Differences between Denmark and Sweden”, what would be on your list?

What do these words mean: confused, Canadians, differences, political party, monopoly money, unlocked, crime rate, landscapes, population, tundra, universal healthcare, rude people, jug? They might come in handy when you watch the video.

Fahrenheit vs Celcius?

Mile vs. Kilometer?



Watch the “Canada Song” by Chris and Dan Hadfield

(More great stuff from Chris Hadfield here.)

The lyrics to “Canada song” can be found here.

What are the different verses of the song about? How does Canada seem to you? Do you want to change the holiday plans?

What do these words mean: shoreline, at leisure, snowsuit, plugging in the car, lubricate, golden rule…what other words do you need to look up?


6 thoughts on “Canada: True? Not true?

  1. Lauge says:

    Differences between Denmark and Sweden
    Our capital is Copenhagen, their capital is Stockholm
    They have Kebnekaise, we have Himmelbjerget
    Our national dish is fried flesh with parsley gravy, they have surströmming
    They have Zlatan, we have The Lord.
    They have Ingvar Kamprad, we have Lars Larsen

    Lauge og Sørensen
    -Team Wood Wood


  2. team:Appeljuice says:

    1. Money: In sweden they use the Swedish crowns, and danmaark use Danish crowns.

    2. language: In Sweden they talk Swedish, and Denmark talk Danish.

    3. Flag: Swedish flag is blue and yellow, danish flag is red and white.

    4. National animals: Swedens national animal is blackbird, and Denmarks national animal is red squirrel

    5. Sport: In Sweden plays icehockey, and Denmark plays handball.

    6. population: Sweden have 9,593 mio population, and Denmark have 5,614 mio population.

    7. jysk og ikea: sweden has IKEA. denmark has JYSK


  3. In Sweden they eat more fish then in Denmark

    Sweden is bigger than Denmark

    Sweden have moutens Denmark have flat land

    Denmark cost more than in Sweden

    sweden national bird is solsort, Denmark is svanen.


  4. First verse: They explain that even tho they’ve got great cities, they also have beautiful nature

    Second verse: They’re telling about their traditions (food and hockey)

    Third verse: They tell about their pronunciation of R, they tell about their sweets and that they will drive 2000 miles to get the perfect summer trip.

    Fourth verse: They tell about the epic things they have done.

    Fifth verse: They tell about the 24’th of May (victoria day) and some other traditionel stuff in Canada.


  5. team applejuice says:

    Different between Canada and USA:

    1.USA has a President (Barak Obama) and Canada has a Minister.

    2.They have different dollars. US dollars and CAD.

    3.In Canda they dont lock the doors. In USA they do, and they have gons.

    4.USA have stats, and Canada have provinces.

    5.USA national animal is an eagel. Canadas national animal is a beaver.

    6.USA has one of the biggest army in the world. Canada use there money on universal health care.

    7.USA people is very rude. Canadiens dont.

    8.USA use miles, canadians use km.

    from Team Applejuice.


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