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CBC is the Canadian DR, the national public radio and tv broadcaster. Here is a link to CBC news Canada. What regions are mentioned? Look them up on wikipedia and describe. How many people live there? What are the headlines for the regions. Leave comments with short descriptions.


9 thoughts on “Canada – news

  1. wood wood says:

    Thunder bay.
    Headline in Thunder bay. Joseph Boyden, Richard Wagamese talk mental health in Thunder Bay .
    There live 108,359.


  2. Christian says:

    Kamloops is a city in British Columbia. British Columbia provance in the south-west of Canada.
    There lives 85.678 people in Kamloops (2011)
    what is happening in Kamloops? “Duffy’s Pub in Kamloops gives customers gift certificates for leaving car behind” A Kamloops pub is getting a lot if praise online after a customer posted a picture on Reddit of a gift certificate they recieved for leaving their car in the parking lot after a night of drinking. Dolmat (owner of the Duffy’s Pub) says they have been doing this for years.


  3. Canada
    New Scotia:
    New scotia is latin for New Scotland, and is located in the east part of Canada.
    Population: 921,727
    New scotia is one of Canadas three Maritime provinces and constitutes one of the four of the four Atlantic Canada provinces.
    The article is about some arsonists. The streets were packed with a lot of trash, and suddenly the arsonists started burning it all to ashes. The citizens weren’t pleased with them burning all the trash near houses an vehicels.


  4. wood wood says:

    Four hundred people packed a Thunder Bay hotel ballroom Wednesday night to hear award-winning Canadian authors Joseph Boyden and Richard Wagamese share their stories of living with mental illness


  5. Team Wood Wood says:

    Population: 216.470
    Headlines: Special weather statement issued for Windsor, Essex County
    Windsor is the southernmos city in Canada, Across the Detrovit river.
    The articel was about, that on friday i the city its going to be 30C or higher in many areas for the first year.


  6. trætræ says:

    pop: 160000
    headline: thousands expected to pound pavement in sudbury rocks race

    population: 1150000b
    headline: departed manitoba npd staffers paid nearly $700K in serverance


  7. team applejuice says:

    Toronto is the capital of the province of Ontario in Canada, and the most poplous city in Canada. There live 5.600.000 people in 2003.


  8. Andrew says:

    montreal population: 3.407.693
    Canadiens beat Lightning in Game 4 to avoid elimination
    montreal(canadiens beat tampa bay (lightning) and avoid a elimination
    montreal beat tampa bay to stay in the competition


  9. Wood Wood says:

    Is a city in Saskatchevan, in the middle south Canada.
    Population: 222´189
    Headline: Tribunal rules treaty payments wrongly withheld from Saskatchewan band.

    Wood Wood


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