First nations of North America

On Native American cultures – youtube link.

On Aboriginal peoples in Canada – wikipedia link.


Canada: True? Not true?

Watch the video. Make a list of the ten differences. Compare the information with p. 101 in the textbook. Do you think he is telling the truth? Do you need to look anything up? Imagine writing a list of “10 Differences between Denmark and Sweden”, what would be on your list?

What do these words mean: confused, Canadians, differences, political party, monopoly money, unlocked, crime rate, landscapes, population, tundra, universal healthcare, rude people, jug? They might come in handy when you watch the video.

Fahrenheit vs Celcius?

Mile vs. Kilometer?



Watch the “Canada Song” by Chris and Dan Hadfield

(More great stuff from Chris Hadfield here.)

The lyrics to “Canada song” can be found here.

What are the different verses of the song about? How does Canada seem to you? Do you want to change the holiday plans?

What do these words mean: shoreline, at leisure, snowsuit, plugging in the car, lubricate, golden rule…what other words do you need to look up?


Canada – “Wikipedia says” and questions for the groups

Wikipedia on Canada.

Wikipedia on the Canadian flag.

Wikipedia on the Canadian national anthem.

Wikipedia on the Canadian states and provinces and their development.

What does your group know about distances in Canada?

What does your group know about wildlife in Canada?

What does your group know about sports in Canada?

What does your group know about Canadian pop culture?

Groups: Discuss and research, write your answers in the comments 🙂

And here is the link to our pinboard on padlet. We will add more information as we go.


CANADA – The epic Canadian holiday plan

YAY! Your group is going on an epic trip to Canada. Make plans!

– How are your going to get there?

– Where are you going to stay?

– What are you going to see and do?

– How much am I going to have to pay for all this???

Write a letter for me and tell me about your plans:

1. the super expensive holiday option

2. the regular trip option

(More maps here)



The groups continue by focusing on specific areas as they relate to Thanksgiving:

1. The historical aspect

2. The commercial aspect

3. The family aspect

How can your group begin to discuss each of these areas? What do you know already? What do you need to look up?
Make a big mind-map to keep track of your ideas and how they develop as you discuss and look up what you don’t know. Narrow in on what seems to be important.
Do more research, but remember to limit yourselves. What is especially relevant to tell people in our context? How much information can you convey to your peers in the video presentation? What would be a good way of doing that?

Add relevant links in the comments.



We will work in groups again today.

A red leader and a green leader are assigned.

Work on these questions:

What is Thanksgiving?

When and how did it begin?

How do people celebrate Thanksgiving today?

Why do you think people still celebrate Thanksgiving?



Poverty – relative or extreme

Today we will comment on the photos we have discussed this week.

We will split into two groups, boys and girls. We will take turns at very brief presentations of the photos. Each group has computers, so you can help each other out with planning the mini-presentations. Girls and boys alternate.

The two sites: National Geographic and The Guardian

– – –

Short feature on ABC News about the book Living on a Dollar a Day.

Comment on this post:

Why do we need to know about poverty?

What is the difference between relative and extreme poverty?

Can we do anything about poverty?

– – –

Vocabulary: Comment on my comment below.